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Why I can't create / signup for an account on the main page?
Don't have to. Your account will be created AUTOMATICALLY once you have made an order/preorder with us.
Is shipping FREE within Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak?
Toypanic used to offer free shipping for every order within Malaysia. However, we have now branched out to sell smaller items such as modelling tools and paints.

The sales of those items would not cover our shipping cost if we were to bear the shipping for our clients, so we have fixed that client will have to bear the shipping cost for orders below MYR 40.00 and we will bear the shipping cost for orders over that amount.

That said, we do want our clients to understand that there are risks when it comes to shipping. This means that you take all responsibility for lost or damaged packages if such an event occurs but we will try do our very best to assist you as a courtesy.

We will do our best to protect the parcel during the packing process but once the shipment leaves our facility our responsibility ends. Requests to refund or ship replacements based on damage will be taken on a case-by-case basis by our info team at

Please go through and acknowledge our terms and conditions before placing your order. will not be held responsible for any shipping delay by the courier or any unforeseen damage occurring after the parcel has left our warehouse.

If you have specific packaging instructions to help protect your parcel prior to shipping, do email us at

How many days for an item to reach me?
3-5 working days and 5 weeks (Sea Shipping) for Peninsula Malaysia and Sabah/Sarawak respectively.
Do I have an option to choose express shipping?
Yes you do. The option is available in the checkout page. Make sure you check on this option before checking out.
Will my item arrive faster if I choose express shipping?
Express shipping on an order means that it will be placed in a priority packing lane. Our packers will try to get express orders out as soon as possible but after a parcel has left our warehouse, it will be up to the courier.
How much do I need to pay for express shipping?
The cost will vary depending on the size and weight of the parcel and its contents.

This information will be available on the Open Payment page where you can select free shipping or local express for delivery within Malaysia or even same day delivery (if you are within Pulau Pinang area).

Do I get a tracking number for either the free shipping or the express shipping?
Yes, you will be giving the tracking number for both methods of shipping.
What about other countries outside of Malaysia?
Once you have submitted your order, please send us an email at to notify us. We will send you the shipment cost on a separate email. Shipping cost will depend on the size & weight of the parcel and also the distance it has to travel.

For IN STOCK items:
You can then decide to make payment or even cancel your order (if you are unsatisfied with the shipping cost).

For PRE-ORDER items:
Please be aware that the overseas shipping cost for large parcels can even exceed the price of the ordered items itself. In our experience the shipping cost can be double or even up to 4x times the price of the item itself. Cancellation and refund are stictly not allowed even if you are unsatisfied with the shipping cost. Cancellation of the order will result in forfeiture of your deposit payment as per our terms and conditions.

Standard shipping (by POS Malaysia) is the most economical choice for overseas shipping but there is a size restriction on the parcels POS Malaysia can accept. Parcel will arrive usually within 30 days after we post the parcel over the counter. Furthermore, if clients choose this form of shipping, they must be aware that it will be at their own risk and Toypanic will not bear any responsibility for any unexpected damage or loss of the parcel. We will follow up with the postal services on client's behalf if there are any extended delays in the delivery process but we will not cancel and refund the order in the event the parcel fails to arrive for any reason.

If clients choose EMS (Express Mail Service) or express shipping by courier services, tracking of the parcel is much more accurate and the parcel will usually arrive wihin 7 days. The cost will usually be 3x to 5x more than standard shipping, depending on the size of the parcel. But if somehow the parcel does not reach the client and the postal service cannot give us any reasonable expanation, Toypanic is willing to bear responsibility for the loss and reimburse client's payment for the missing item (unlike for standard shipping).

Are all the items in your site in new condition?
All of the items we offer on the website are brand new and in mint condition.

If the items we offer are not in MISB condition, the items will be labelled appropriately on our website, for example BIB / DEFECT / USED.

Is there quality check on item prior to shipment?
We do not check the item prior to packing and shipping, except to see if there is any visible damage to the item box.

We will only open and inspect the item if clients expressly requested it of us and gives us their permission to unbox and check the item for them.

When an item will be shipped?
Once payment has been confirmed, we will arrange delivery by the next working day (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). Under ideal conditions, your parcel will be shipped out within 24 hours of payment confirmation.
What if my parcel arrives damaged?
Please take photos or video of the shipping box before opening it.

Next, open your box and carefully inspect your merchandise. If only your product packaging has been damaged (such as a crushed corner, bent lid or surface damage of any kind) and the actual product is undamaged, we may be able to offer compensation at the discretion of our admins. We do our best to protect your parcel before it ships but we are unable to guarantee mint-condition product packaging on arrival.

If the actual product has been damaged on arrival, please take detailed photos of the damage and send them to us at within 7 days of receiving the package. At our discretion and based on supplier feedback, we may be able to accept a return of the merchandise, offer compensation, or replace the damaged part.

In cases of damages/defects occurring due to obvious user error/abuse, we reserve the right to reject claims of manufacturing defects on items.

Will my item go through Customs Clearance?
Yes, international shipments may be subject to opening and inspection by Customs and/or postal authorities. Individual products and packaging may be opened and inspected. Items may be repacked without the original care taken when your shipment left our warehouse.

We have no control over this process and thus cannot be held responsible or guarantee the condition of any items on arrival. If you experienced a complication with your local Customs agency, we recommend that you follow up with them directly.

If your shipment is not cleared by Customs and is disposed of for any reason (including failure to pay any duties, taxes or fees) we will not refund any product or shipping.

Do I have to pay import taxes when my item arrives?
Yes, orders shipped outside Malaysia may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and fees levied by the destination country.

These are assessed when the shipment reaches the recipient's country and fall under the client’s sole responsibility. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict them. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; please contact your local Customs office for more information.

I received an item that is 'double-taped'. Did you open this item??
Almost all items that are double taped occur during the manufacturing process. This can happen as a normal quality control step at the factory. Should a rare case occur in which it is necessary for us to open the item, we will ask our client first before opening as our policy is to not open items unless client has requested.
How do you pack an item?
Every step of precaution is considered when packing an item. This is to ensure that the item is in prefect condition when it reaches you.

Your item condition is our top most priority. Having said that, we have taken every precaution steps in ensuring the best protection on how, where and what to use in the packaging.

The photos below show the steps taken by ToyPanic in ensuring your item is well protected from all the 'throwing', 'rolling', 'dropping' and etc (we do not leave a single thing to chances).

Step 1: Your item

Step 2: Bubble wrapper over the toy box

Step 3: For a maximum protection, absorbing materials are carefully slotted into the packaging box

Step 4: We are using our double layer packaging box with secure taping on the outer box

You can also watch our packaging video review below:

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept credit card (Visa & Mastercard) and local online banking for local order (Malaysia).

As for international order, we accept credit card (Visa & Mastercard).

You can view all of our acceptable payment channels here.

Will I be charged once I'd submitted the order?
If you select credit card or online banking, you will be redirected to the FPX payment gateway for the payment.
How many days do I have to make the payment after an order has been submitted?
ASAP. Your order is not secured until we receive the payment.
If I want to use Grabpay, is there any payment amount limitation?
At the time of this writing, Grabpay limits the payment up to MYR1000 only.
How do I make multiple orders in a single invoice?
You can watch the Youtube tutorial below for more details.

Can I extend my payment?
Well, good news. The answer is yes, you can. We do allow you to extend it yourself for additional 7 days. You can watch the Youtube tutorial below for more details.

Can I request for cancellation for my preorder item(s)?
NO. Any cancellation will result in the deposit or any payment paid to be forfeited.

However, in cases where we are unable to fulfill the PO, then yes, the order will be valid for cancellation.

The deposit or payment made for my preorder item(s), can it be refunded or transferred to my other preorder item(s)?
No. The deposit or payment paid are not refundable or exchangeable to other items.

However, in cases where we are unable to fulfill the PO, then yes, the order will be valid for transfer or refund.

How long before my preorder be cancelled if no deposit is paid?
You have 3 days to pay the deposit or on the day of the pre-order deadline before the preorder is automatically cancelled by our system.
When will my preorder items arrive?
While we would all like pre-orders to arrive within the expected arrival timeframe, but unfortunately the toy industry can have delays. The expected arrival date is an estimate; there are no guarantees for exactly when pre-ordered products will arrive. No compensation can be given for pre-orders that arrive late. We don't recommend pre-ordering products as gifts for time sensitive occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries etc.

But do rest assured that our product team is in constant contact with our suppliers/distributors to try and obtain the most up to date information possible. Once we receive new information from our suppliers, we will inform our clients and update our listings accordingly. will not be held responsible for any product (preorder) release delay by the maker or any unforeseen logistical delays from our distributor side.

Why are you unable to fulfill my pre order?
In this case, it may be due to number of factors.

i. Pre ordering past the deadline.

After the deadline has passed, the availability of Pre order slots will be up to our distributor but sometimes they may have PO slots still open after the PO closing date which is why we allow customers to make pre order past the deadline on certain items.

But please take note that the longer it is past the preorder closing date, the chances of getting the item will get slimmer and slimmer. We will still submit your order to our supplier after you pay the deposit but fulfillment is up to the discretion of our distributor.

If they are unable to fulfill the pre order, we will notify you immediately via email.

ii. Product Cancellation

While it is sad to hear, sometimes our distributor will have their orders cancelled if they are unable to meet the minimum order quantity (MOQ) of a product or the maker losing the production rights for a particular brand.

What does it mean by Pending Restock?
This stock status means that we do not have stock at present, but are able to order more from our suppliers. Order if you would like to get the item too, since our batch may only get enough to cover existing orders. Restocking dates for items are unknown unless otherwise stated.

Unlike some mass-produced consumer products, many of the products we carry are produced in very limited batches of a few hundred or thousand pieces. Many weeks or months of time can pass between production runs, and many figures and toys are only manufactured once. In addition, restock items may only be restocked once every couple of months or longer.

So, we frequently see products become unavailable for a long time although we know that new stock will be available at some point in the future. We'll watch those orders for them for as long as it takes to get them the merchandise.

In some cases, of course, additional stock may not ever become available, and if that happens, we'll send you an email with the bad news as soon as we learn it.

That said, we strongly recommend that customer place orders for these kinds of items in full knowledge that an uncertain waiting period will apply.

How are pre orders processed?
We use a complex algorithm to determine the order in which pre-orders are processed. One of the most important factors is the time in which pre-orders are placed. Late Pre Order submissions will go further back into pre order queue, for example.

We take other elements into consideration so that if any issues arise, such as supply shortage or manufacturer delays, so we can service as many customers in the fairest way possible.

Why does the price change on certain products?
Due to the nature of pre-orders, pricing may sometimes change after we list the product for pre order.

If the price is reduced while your item is still on pre-order, your price will be adjusted so you receive the lowest price.

In some cases, we may not have exact pricing from our vendors when an item is listed for presale. If this occurs, we list the estimated price on the website with an explanation that the pre-order price will be adjusted when final pricing is known.

In rare circumstances, mandatory price hikes may occur. This could occur when we receive a pre order from a vendor with a pricing error or when product import tariffs are assessed by the Malaysian government. In the event that the price increases, we will notify affected customers as soon as possible.

Other stores have this pre order but Toypanic does not, why is that?
We value our relationships with our distributors and respect their listing restrictions as they apply. There can be specific time frames during which they allow a product to be solicited for pre-order and that is when we usually post the products for pre order. Some online retailers may not have a direct relationship with the vendor or may simply choose to ignore the vendor restrictions.
Why do other stores already have this in stock but Toypanic does not?
Other online and conventional retail stores can be located anywhere in the world. Location and method of transport affect when a store will receive merchandise, but most stores typically receive merchandise within the same general time frame. will not be held responsible for any product (preorder) release delay by the maker or any unforeseen logistical delays from our distributor side.

Can I request for cancellation for my in-stock item(s)?
NO. Any cancellation will result in the deposit or any payment paid to be forfeited.
How long before my in-stock order be cancelled if no payment is paid?
ASAP before the order is automatically cancelled by our system.
What is the return policy?
7 days return policy.
Do I have to bear the return shipment charges?
On what conditions can I request for refund?
Refund is ONLY applicable to :

i) When the item is in stock, but we are not able to fulfill the quantity preordered by the client.

ii) If an item received is broken, has a manufacturing defect, or is missing parts within 7 days after the client has received the item.

iii) Product cancellation by the maker.

How many days would a refund take?
We are using Razer as our payment gateway. Having said that, any refund will have to go through Razer as well. The refund process is as below:

i) Please do allow us 2-3 working days to process your request.

ii) After we have initiated the refund with Razer, the said amount will be auto refund by the bank site to card holder's account within 7-14 working days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At this point, the refund process is solely handled by Razer. Thus we have no control on the speed of the refund to your bank or credit card.

iii) You are advised to check your bank account or credit card balance within said period.

On what conditions will my item be considered defected?
If you encounter any defective item or item damaged in transit, do drop us an email at and we will try our best to assist you from there.

We may request that you e-mail a picture of your broken or defective item to help us determine what exactly is wrong and if our suppliers can assist us.

The following issues do not qualify as a defective product but will be handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of our admins:

i) Minor cosmetic paint issues.

ii) Damaged packaging due to Courier handling.

iii) Loose Joints.

We also highly recommend that our clients conduct due diligence prior to making a purchase as some unofficial 3rd Party or KO items will have less stringent quality control applied compared to the mainstream official manufacturers.

Thus, Quality Control on unofficially licensed products will vary greatly from unit to unit. Any defect inquiries regarding products of this nature will be handled at the discretion of our admins and on a case-by-case basis.

In cases of damages/defects occurring due to obvious user error/abuse, we reserve the right to reject claims of manufacturing defects on items.

If I would like to have new replacement for the defect item and the supplier/distributor is resided outside of Malayisa, do I need to bear the shipping cost?
Yes, if the supplier/distributor is located outside of Malaysia. You would need to bear the return (both ways) shipping cost.
If I would like to have new replacement for the defect item and the replacement is available within Malaysia, do I still need to bear the shipping cost?
Yes, you would need to bear the return (both ways) shipping cost even though the shipping is within Malaysia.
What should I do if I encountered any defect or missing parts?
1. Take 3 photos and highlight clearly the defective / missing part. For reference, see the photos below.

2. Then send us an email at with these photos with a detail description of the defective / missing parts.

How long would a replacement take?
It depends on the replacement item availability from supplier/distributor. It could be as fast as few days to as late as few months.
What is the Panic Points?
Every items that you ordered from, you will be rewarded with Panic Points. The quantity of Panic Points correspond to the total price of an order.
What can I do with it?
It can be redeeemed and deducted from the total amount (MYR) of an order at the check out page. See photo below.

If an item has 100 Panic Point, and I want to order it, can I use the 100 Panic Point straight away on this order?
You can't. You can only use it for the NEXT order.
I have made a preorder and have paid the 20% deposit, but I do not see any Panic Point credited to my account?
The Panic Point will only be credited to your account upon FULL payment.
Does it has expiry date?
No. That's the best part of it :)
How do I get the extra 1x Panic Point?
Just make a full payment during the preorder period.
Is it only applicable for preorder? How about in-stock item?
Yes, it is ONLY applicable for preorder. It is NOT applicable for in-stock item.
How does it work?
Example: An preorder item is MYR100 with 100 Panic Point.

If you make full payment during the preorder period, you will get:

100 (from the item) + 100 (1x extra for full payment during preorder) Panic Point = 200 Panic Point (total)

Why now?
Panic Mark is one of our ways of giving back to you as our loyal client. In other parts of the world, they call it the loyalty programme :)
What is it?
Depending on which Panic Mark you are currently at, you will get a different extra percentage of Panic Point.

There are total of 15 Panic Marks with the details below:

Panic MarkPercentage (%)

What can I do with it?
Take for an example, today you are Panic Mark III. You ordered item A that comes with 100 Panic Points (the price of the item is not irrelevant in this case).

So, the total Panic Points that you will get are 100 + 30% = 130 Panic Points.

In short, you are getting an extra of 30 Panic Points compare to someone that do not have the Panic Mark.

How Is It Being Assigned?
We shall spare you the gory details, but suffice to say, the engine computation is built upon a very complicated algorithm, which considers many factors.

Eg: Order, payment, cancellation, time on page, frequency of visit, last order and etc.

How can I pay online using my local bank?
There are 2 ways:


1) This is when you first place your preorder/order.

2) At the checkout page, select the first option "Online local bank payment (FPX)". See below.

3) Submit the order.

4) Use the default selection of FPX when you are at the Razer gateway page. Then click the button "Pay Online Through FPX". See below.

5) On the next page, choose your bank and fill in your email. Lastly, click on the "Agree and Continue" button. See below.

6) You will be redirect to your local bank website (from bank selection in step #5) and just proceed accordingly.

7) You can watch the Youtube tutorial below for more details.


1) Select any of your invoices from the "Orders History" tab on the top page.

2) At the invoice page, click on the "Checkout Now". See below.

3) Submit the order.

4) Use the default selection of FPX when you are at the Razer gateway page. Click the button "Pay Online Through FPX". See below.

5) On the next page, choose your bank and fill in your email. Lastly, click on the "Agree and Continue" button. See below.

6) You will be redirect to your local bank website (from bank selection in step #5) and just proceed accordingly.

7) You can watch the Youtube tutorial below for more details.

How can I pay multiple preorders/orders on the same page?
It's easy actually:

1) Click on the Open Payment on the top menu.

2) Then, tick the checkboxes of your orders/preorders that you want to make full payment.

3) At the same time, you can also opt for topup/deposit payment for your preorders.

4) Once you are done, choose either local bank payment (FPX) or credit card as payment method.

5) You can watch the Youtube tutorial below more details.

What is price match?
It means we are to honor our competitor's online advertised price.
How does Toypanic price match works?
We will match the price set by our competitor if they meet the criterias below.

1) The competitor's price must be clearly stated and item must be identical.

2) The competitor must have their own valid domain website. Eg: or

3) Only online price is matched.

What are the conditions that Toypanic will NOT price match?
1) If the competitor's lower price requires a coupon.

2) Prices that are advertised as limited time, limited supply or limited quantity.

3) Prices that are on sales or discount.

4) Prices that require a loyalty card will also not be matched.

5) Competitors' buy one, get one free sales or anything similar.

6) If the competitor's low price is the result of a typo.

7) Price from individual seller that are using secondary e-Commerce platform. Example eBay, Lazada, Mudah, 11street, Lelong and etc.

8) Other websites outside of Malaysia.

9) We do not match in-store price.

10) Different currency other than MYR.

11) Bulk or wholesale price.

12) It is a sold out / unavailable item from the seller. We will only match available / in-stock item.

What is it?
This is our extra service to provide the same day delivery to our client.
Does it mean that, if I make the payment today, I will also receive the item on the same day?
Yes. The cutoff time for the payment is 3pm.

In other words, if you make the full payment for your item before 3pm, you will receive it on the same day.

What time will you send out my item?
We will send out the item by 4pm.
Will you notify me before sending out?
Yes, we will call you first to make sure you are at home before we send your item out.
Can I request the item to be send out on specific time?
Yes. You can contact our sales team at or PM us at our official Facebook page.

However, if it is urgent you can always get to us at 60143372642

How do I opt for the same day delivery (SDD)?
At the checkout page, just choose the option "GRAB".

I'm staying outside of Penang. Can I opt for same day delivery (SDD) ?
No. The same day delivery (SDD) option is only available within Penang.
What is the rate of the same day delivery (SDD)?
The rate is calculated based of the distance from our store to your address.

For an example, if you are staying in Georgetown area, the rate would be somewhere between MYR7.00 to MYR8.00.

Whereas if you are staying in Bayan Lepas area, the rate would be at approximately MYR24.

You can view the complete same day delivery (SDD) rate here.

Is the same day delivery (SDD) rate will be automatically calculated at the checkout page?
Yes. As long as you have entered the valid zip / postal code.
What courier are you using for the same day delivery (SDD)?
We are collaborating with Grab Express.
Is there any warranty for GK figure?
The purchase GK Figures will be at buyer's own risk. Toypanic will not bear any responsibility for unexpected damages or defects on the figure.

This is not because we do not want to help, but simply because we are unable to get any support from the makers or our suppliers in the event of any unforeseen problems.

So we will not accept any request for refunds or returns for GK figures under any circumstances. Any cancellation of orders will also result in forfeiture of the deposit without exception.

Can I cancel any pre orders that I had placed on GK figure?
GK figures have a long production cycle so delays are to be expected. The release dates set are only estimates and are subject to change without prior notice.

We CANNOT cancel and refund GK pre orders until we can confirm with the maker that they cannot fulfill the order. So we will only refund your payment if our supplier fails to fulfill the order. If you request to cancel without confirmation, your deposit will be forfeited.

For overseas clients, once the item arrives in stock the shipping cost will be quoted based on the size, weight and distance it needs to travel. Even if the shipping cost far exceeds the cost of the item itself, it is the customer's responsibility to bear it. Cancellation due to high shipping cost will result in forfeiture of the client's deposit payment.

What should I do if I no longer want to use my existing account? Can I request for my account deletion?
Yes, you can. Just drop us an email at and provide us with the below information:

Email subject: Account deletion request

Email body: Email to be deleted [enter your email here]

Once our team received your email request, we shall process the account deletion accordingly.